Our values and Mission

We are proud to have customers around the world, both in the civilian and military fields.

We help our customers solve their most stringent cooling requirements by providing the most adapted technical and cost-effective solutions.

Our goal is to become our customers’ preferred Leading Technological Supplier of customized cooling solutions required to answer mission-critical military and civil applications.

We help our customers make a difference with our compact, light weight and high power products.

Our Commitments to all our Customers

Custom technical offer: we analyze our customer’s requirements to propose the best fit

Culture of reliability: 40 years of experience in the military and aerospace markets

International culture

Long term relationships based on trust, custom service and commitment

Capacity to adapt to customer requirements on volume (small or medium size series)

Reliability guaranteed by our Quality Assurance system (soon ISO9001 / EN9100 certified)

Active technological watch

Dedicated customer service

Technical support for new product development

Network of technical partners for specific requirements