Our products

WELCO is a key supplier of small to medium series production of cooling compressors, as well as electrical motors used to drive fans, blowers and pumps based on in-house manufacturing capacities adapted to specific constraints.

Key advantages

Overall Weight: up to 30% lighter than mechanical solutions (belt-driven…)

Power range: high variability, electronically controlled

High Voltage: lower Current (amps) consumption

Unmatched Electrical Power to Cooling Power ratio

Maintenance free: no maintenance needed, replacing the unit if broken(sealed); no mechanical system to grease, control, attend to, fix, etc

Low Noise Emission


WELCO  is your dedicated supplier for a full range of compressors:

  • hermetic and accessible hermetic, direct-drive compressors
  • reciprocating piston, rotary piston and scroll-type compressors
  • capacity range from 150W to 25KW
  • refrigerants per customer requirements (R407C, R134a, R236fa)
  • horizontal and vertical compressors
  • AC and DC units available (115V / 22V / 380V and other voltages, 50-60 Hz, 400Hz, solutions for wild frequency)… please consult us
WELCO is your dedicated supplier for rotary compressors



WELCO is your dedicated supplier for piston compressors

Reciprocating piston


Our motors are fully adapted and customized as per our customers’ needs and depending on the application or environment. We manufacture our motors in-house under our own design and characteristics which allows us to produce motors for specific applications with a very high reliability and perfect adaptation to various needs or requests such as wild frequencies, 400Hz, 115V-3phases-60Hz motors…

Welco manufactures AC electric motors


Any other characteristics available on request


Voltages : 115V / 22V / 380V and other voltages
Frequency ranges : 50-60 Hz, 400Hz
AC : 115 V – 3 phase – 400Hz / Other voltages / frequencies
Absorbed power from 100W to 12 KW


Solutions for wild frequency applications

WELCO Industries manufactures DC Brushless electric motors


DC: 12V, 24V, 28 V, 270V / other


Absorbed power from 100W to 10 KW


In-House Manufacturing of electrical motors 


We design and manufacture adapted electrical motor for your special fan and blowers requirements. You have a fan or blower design and are struggling to find a suitable motor due to specific constraints (frequency / voltage / power / size…): please consult us and we will work on a solution with you.

Welco Industries manufactures adapted electrical motor for your special fan and blowers requirements


For specific applications (mission-critical with a very high level of reliability) or severe environments (aeronautics, space, naval), we can design, manufacture and refit electrical motors on existing OEM equipment for specific demands or requests. For example we recently replaced an existing electrical motor on a pump of a standard off-the-shelf dishwasher for a special demand on a civil aircraft.

Welco Indutries designs electrical motors on existing OEM equipment

Do not hesitate to send us your specific requirements  (however special or demanding), our team of dedicated experts will analyze your needs and will be able to propose an adapted product based on our 40-year experience with ECS customers worldwide.